EIC Canada Collaboration

The Electron Ion Collider (EIC) is a major new collider facility scheduled to be built on Long Island, New York, by the US Department of Energy in the current decade. At the EIC, polarized electrons will collide with polarized protons, polarized light ions, and heavy nuclei at luminosities far beyond what is currently available. The facility will answer several fundamental questions central to completing an understanding of atoms and integral to the agenda of nuclear physics today.

The EIC project achieved two milestones in 2019-2020 with the site selection of Brookhaven National Lab and the first critical decision (CD-0) establishing mission need. The project aims to complete the next two critical decisions by 2026 and to start operation by 2030. The EIC Users Group is coordinating the international efforts to instrument the two interaction regions of the collider, with Expressions of Interest invited by November 2020.

Canadian subatomic physicists have participated intensively in the planning of this new facility and have chartered a multi-institutional EIC Canada Collaboration to coordinate participation. We anticipate that the Canadian participation in the first new North American collider in this century will become similar in scope as, e.g., the Canadian participation in the Belle II experiment.

Long Range Planning Brief

As part of the Canadian Subatomic Physics Long Range Planning process, the EIC Canada Collaboration has prepared a briefing document that outlines our plans for participation in the EIC project.

Interested in Research at the EIC?

We are currently accepting applications for both graduate students and undergraduate summer research students interested in research at the EIC.

Code of Conduct

Our collaboration is committed to maintaining an inclusive and equitable working environment for all members. Our commitments towards equity, diversity, and inclusions are listed in our Code of Conduct. The collaboration ombudspersons in the leadership team can be contacted with concerns.


For information on joining the EIC Canada collobration or contributing as an associate member, please contact Wouter Deconinck.